Life in the Shadows

Body Snatching part 1

Loche got a random comm call at 2am on a Thursday regarding a meet with a Mr Johnson that night at 11PM. After doing a little legwork to check on the players they know about, the very paranoid group set up super early at the meet. What they were told was that the Simsense star whats-her-name was doing an endorsement deal for a food product that certain powers didn’t want to happen. The job was to break into her penthouse and grab her, holding her safely for a few days so she misses all her events, then returning her. Wicker negotiated against the price and got a decent increase for the group. Looking into both the flat where we were supposed to hold her and her penthouse, the group devised a simple plan to smash it and grab her. Loche and Gorefest entered the high rise and took an elevator to her floor while Armatige sat in his van and took care of cyber security and alarms and Wicker used magic to fly upto the balcony and cut his way in. Once the elevator arrived, Loche shot the guard with a burst of gel rounds, taking him out of the fight. Gorefest kicked the door in and Wicker snuck in the back while invisible and stunned one of the guards as he went to investigate. Gorefest and Loche moved down a corridor towards the star’s bedroom and took out another guard. As Gorefest ran out around a corner, he was set upon by a mage and a street sam. As he started firing at them, Loche came around the corner and joined in the fire fight. Together, they manage to take the mage and sam out, but at the cost of several bullet holes. Unwilling to wait, Gorefest kicked in the star’s bedroom door and took a shotgun blast to the chest that knocked him out. Loche took out the scared looking guy holding the shotgun and dragged the star out from under her bed after knocking her out with neurostun. Armatige found out the team guarding her had a helicopter on the roof as an escape, so Loche took the star and the helicopter. Armatige and Gorefest headed down to the van to make their escape. Loche had no trouble escaping, but when Armatige tried to leave, several Knight Errant cars blocked him in. Quickly backing up, he launched his drones and fired on the officers when they came down into the garage. Flooring it, he made his get away, smashing out between the cars and crushing the last Knight Errant on the way. The group met up, scrubbed the helicopter for tracking devices, stashed it in the warehouse and then headed for the flop house. On the way, Gorefest and Loche, remembering how bad it smelled, picked up some air fresheners. They swung by The Jew’s place, got some SLAB from him to keep their guest out, and met up the rest of the group at the flop house. After a little while, a random dwarf showed up with the first half of their money and then left. The group settled in for the three day wait.



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