Life in the Shadows

Bodyguarding, Sort of

Deuce gave the group a line on a protection job. The meet was a corp hang out in downtown, and was held in a private room upstairs. The job was to protect a lead scientist from getting headhunted by a rival corporation. The job paid a base, plus hazard pay if a snatch is attempted, more if the group found out who was grabbing him, and a little bonus is he never knows the group is guarding him. The group spent a couple days before they had to guard him finding out a bunch of information about his routines and trying to set up to handle the normal activities and hopefully dealing with anything unusual that came up. Everything went fine on the first day, but the mark started doing strange experimentations on transvestite street hookers and making plans to meet with a girl (most likely a call girl) the next night after the Opera. Armatige watched from across the theatre as the scientist and his bodyguard brought an unconscious person into their private booth and the scientist switched his bio-monitor with the new person and then shot his bodyguard under the chin, killing him instantly. He then exited the opera and left the area in a car with unknown people in it. Gorefest followed in his rental and Armatige jacked into his van to follow, leaving his meat body slumped in his seat. Wicker pulled his magic up and flew after the car with the scientist while Loche went to his hotel room to change and get another gun, putting him about 30 minutes behind the others. The car with the scientist contained a street sam and a mage, and after heading into the sprawl, stopped at a coffin hotel. The scientist and the street sam headed upstairs, and as Wicker watched in Astral space, started cutting into a couple of bodies (who happened to be the transvestite hookers from before). Gorefest armored up in his car and then approached the waiting car and fired at it, blowing out a window. The mage inside tried to stun him, but please, he’s a troll (and had a guardian spirit from Wicker to help). Wicker then blasted her into unconsciousness and Gorefest headed into the hotel to get the scientist and ended up having a firefight in the stairwell with the street sam, both blasting away at each other before Wicker came in the fire escape and finished the fight. Just then, Loche pulled up and helped Gorefest drag the scientist out of the coffin he was hiding in. After questioning the scientist, they found that he was going to sell modified organs he had designed to the highest bidder and leave his employer. After talking to their employer, the group turned over the scientist and after the Friday release party they had planned, took him back and made him vanish.



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