Life in the Shadows


Reviewing the data on the disk found at the Green War facility, the group discovered a vast array of disturbing data, including detailed files of Renraku security and plans to wreak havoc on the city of Seattle. After debating what to do with this data, it was decided to bring it to Renraku, tell them how it was received, and try to gather up a decent reward. That way, the group could potentially gain the favor of a megacorp, make some nuyen, and sick Renraku security on Green War.

A meeting was set up, so Alexander “Wicker” DeMarkez, Nelson “Loche” Laramie, David “Figment” Erikson, and some extra troll muscle mounted up and made their way to the pyramid. After some negotiations, the group landed some sizable gains to their pocketbooks and the appreciation of some Renraku execs. However, just as they were about to leave, the power went out, flickering back a few seconds later as emergency backup kicked in, and sounds of gunfire commenced. The group was escorted into a safe room and told to stay put while security took care of the incursion. The situation outside the room quickly devolved to automatic weapons fire, rockets, and screaming.

Soon after, Nelson “Loche” Laramie peeked his head out, reporting that Renraku security was dead, and several Green War soldiers were securing the room. The group engaged the enemy, killing them, and then opted to leave the premises, rather than pursue the Green War guys into the building they had no authorization to enter. After returning home, everyone decided to lay low for a couple weeks while the Green War situation worked itself out. Renraku repelled the invasion with little damage, which is better than many other corps and government organizations fared.

Two weeks later, the group accepted another job from Duece- a snatch and grab. The target was an ork poseur, who was “kidnapped” by his family, wealthy political-types, who intended to reeducate and reform their wayward son. Despite the lowly nature of the job, David “Figment” Erikson was pleased to doing a job suited to his particular talents, unlike the previous sloppy debacle.

A plan was hatched, where the family lawyer would be led to believe the son had been accused of aggravated assault, and had to be brought in for questioning. A little magical mental artwork later by David “Figment” Erikson had the lawyer solving the problem of getting the son out of the family compound for the group. The troll muscle was set up as the lawyer’s police contact, so the group was informed of the pickup time.

David “Figment” Erikson posed as the detective, while Nelson “Loche” Laramie and the troll were dressed up like uniformed police. Upon entering the compound, the guard asked for identification, and Figment altered his memories to believe he’d seen proper identification. Inside the complex, the lawyer asked for ID as well, and was also rewarded with some mental redecorating. After a quick discussion, the mark rode in the back of the group’s patrol car, while the lawyer followed in his vehicle, and three armed security personnel followed in their vehicle.

…which is where Alexander “Wicker” DeMarkez enters the limelight. At the designated location, his powerful spirit friend sent the two chase vehicles careening out of control, crashing, and injuring several occupants. With the chase vehicles unable to follow, the group made a clean getaway, scanning the mark for electronic bugs, and completing the mission successfully. All part of a job well done.



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