Life in the Shadows

Crash and Burn

Alexander “Wicker” DeMarkez, Mark “Armatige” Armatige, Nelson “Loche” Laramie and Trogg are contacted by their Green War contact V’Zier Maurid (former member of their team) for a mission requiring them to go down to Houston to infiltrate an AreSpace facility. Once in the facility they are to attach a black box to a satellite that is being built there. After a failed negotiation the team agrees to the terms.

Green War provides the team with transport on an old military surplus C-130, large enough for them to load up of their vehicles and weapons. They land in Houston and meet up with their contact (Jammer). He provides the group with a safe house and some basic info about the locations.

Mark “Armatige” Armatige does sound matrix data mining and finds out layouts, security plans, and also that there are three separate research sections.
1. Satellite system- Supposedly this is supposed to be some sort of early warning system that can be used to safe guard against another Great Ghost dance. This is the satellite the group is supposed to tamper with
2. Advanced AI- This seems to be a very advanced AI. Its being designed for use to monitor and control space traffic orbiting the Earth. Other possible uses: Matrix Monitoring, Matrix Security.
3. Miniaturized Rocket boosters- Exactly what it sounds like. However, its sized down to the size of a large car as opposed to multiple stories tall.

Alexander “Wicker” DeMarkez goes astral to check on the magic defenses:
1. Each floor has a room that has magical wards
2. Multiple Mages on the security team

Trogg practices punching things
[[:cooper | Jack ’’Cooper" Manhattan]] “cleans his weapons” over and over again….perv

The group decides the best plan would be to infiltrate the facility prior to the satellite being prepped for launch and while there making it seem like it was an attempt to steal info from one of the other research projects.

Mark “Armatige” Armatige takes control of the security systems, crashes drones, and crashes their security during a matrix fight with their IT Security guy. Loses one drone during the fight but takes over one of the facilities drones.

Nelson “Loche” Laramie and Trogg parner together and shoot their way in and make it seem like the group is attempting to steal info about the miniaturized rockets. They do a pretty decent job keeping attention on them.

Alexander “Wicker” DeMarkez sneaks in invisible, adds the box to the satellite but then goes rogue and steals the research data that goes with it.

They manage to shoot their way out and get to their get away vehicle. Group consensus is that the best plan is to just go strait to Jammer and go back to Seattle. They load up back into the C-130 and head back.


3ish hours into the flight the engines die. Investigation reveals that the pilot bailed out, dumped the fuel and left them on the ship to crash (and probably die with it). They look around and only find one parachute. Which for some reason nobody wants to use. Odd


Trogg manually lowers the landing gears and buckles himself into one of the seats. With about 1 foot of clearance between his face and Mark “Armatige” Armatige
drone laden van.

Mark “Armatige” Armatige decides that he is gonna glide this C-130 down witht he help of Nelson “Loche” Laramie.

Alexander “Wicker” DeMarkez says eff this, he is going to wait until its about to crash and use his magics to land safely.

At about 75ish feet, Alexander “Wicker” DeMarkez jumps out, slows himself down and then attempts to slow down the runaway C-130. This pretty much arrests its forward motion but causes it to slam pretty much strait down. Not usually something that ends well for people inside……



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