Life in the Shadows

Cyber Zombie

The past can bite you with a good dose of cyberware and magic.

The group all got a message from Deuce, “Hel” then nothing. No attempts to reach Deuce, Cooper, or Bud were successful. Loche went to Cooper’s condo and discovered that a struggle had taken place and there were bullet holes everywhere. As Loche looked through the mess, Sean immediately went to Deuce’s stomping grounds and discovered a shot up trailer and a missing Deuce. He immediately summons a spirit to track him down. Dom gets the message and traces it back to where Deuce had been when he sent it. He heads towards the area. Meanwhile, Loche finds Cooper’s Warhawk and as soon as he picks it up, a hammer slams into his chest and a a spray of blood hits the wall as a thunderous boom echos throughout the area. Immediately ducking and running for the door, he gets tagged again and heads for the stairs and his bike. When he gets to the bottom of the stairs, he sees a familiar face in the cybered man striding across the lobby towards the elevator. It is the yakuza boss from the Irish Mob caper. As Loche watches, the elevator dings and the doors start to open and the Yakuza just opens up riddles it (and the bystander inside) full of holes. Loche decides that there is nothing in it for him to attack the Yakuza, so he heads down to get his bike. Revving it up and taking off, his vision starts to waver and he crashes in front of Dom’s van as it swerves out of the way. Getting Loche to his street doc, Dom heads to where he though Deuce had been, hooking up with Sean and then figuring out what had happened, the Yakuza boss and two black vans loaded with goons had attacked Deuce. The spirit tracked Deuce to the same warehouse that the group had originally met the Yakuza boss, and the group soon followed with limited preparation. There was nothing at the warehouse except some dead Irish Mob types and a video of Bud being dunked in an ice water pool repeatedly. With some more magical investigating, the group finds where Deuce is being held once again. The group scouts, sets up, getting Sean on the roof who then drops a sound barrier on the back yard where Bud is unconscious with three guards. Loche climbs up on the wall surrounding the back yard and guns two of the guards down and Dom uses a drone to eliminate the last one. Sean levitated Loche to the roof and Dom moved his drones to the front, getting ready to storm the main floor of the location. Loche and Sean slip off the roof to a small balcony and Loche uses his combat axe to smash his way inside. The shaman inside lets loose a blast of acid that just misses him and the two others inside open up with assault rifles, peppering the area around Loche with lead. Sean lets loose an air elemental on one of the guards and Loche guns down the shaman and one of the guards, who spins as he tries to avoid the gunfire and accidently triggers his firearm, spraying the remaining guard with bullets. Sean and Loche move into the room and get ready to move down to the next floor. Loche quickly picks the lock on the chains holding Deuce (who falls to the floor). With a shrug, they move to the door leading down to the second floor and Sean turns invisible and moves out onto the balcony overlooking the first floor, where he maneuvers to the opposite side and drops a sound wave on three of the guards and the remaining shaman. Loche moved out onto the balcony and unloaded into the yakuza boss (now identified as a cyber zombie) standing on the other side of the first floor. The cyber zombie brushes off the bullets like they were mosquitos and moves back behind a pillar for cover. Sean continues to send a barrage of magic at the guards and shaman and whittles them down while Loche continues to engage the cyber zombie and Dom drops a grenade to open the front door. As Loche moves for the cover of the door he came out of, Sean finishes off the last of the guards and the drones move into the area and help finish the cyber zombie off. The group drags Deuce and Cooper out to Dom’s van and then grabs the cyber zombie’s body to throw that in there as well.



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