Life in the Shadows

Dream State

After a long day of Cram and high-octane energy drink mixed booze, Nelson “Loche” Laramie crashed and expected a blissful nothing until morning, where a headache would greet him with a vengence. Instead, he had a weird falling sensation and found himself in a surreal world of lava pits and a stone bridge extending forward. As he looked around, he found his whole crew around him, Wicker and Bud looking clearer and more real than himself or Armatige. As they continued, they arrived at a pair of locked doors and a stair that led down into the lava. The doors refused to open to force and the group looked around for tools or levers to help. As they looked around, Wicker noticed a box just under the lava. Using magic, he pulled the box up and onto the ledge they were standing on, then looked at Loche and told him to open the box. Loche did, burning his hand to a crisp, revealing a pair of keys, quite cool to the touch. Juggling the keys, they opened both doors, one leading into darkness and the other leading into blinding light. Walking into the darkness cuts off all the senses, while walking into the light overwhelms them completely. Wicker led everyone into the darkness and then closed the door. The room led to a massive library filled with books, apparently randomly placed. After hours of searching, they discovered it was seperated by family, but looking for Wicker’s book as futile. After several more hours of searching, they discovered tracks leading through the stacks. Following them, they found several shelves with members of Wicker’s family on them, and a missing spot where presumably Wicker’s book used to sit. Following the tracks further, the group saw them lead outside through a field. As they followed the tracks, they noticed a lightning bolt slamming down over and over again. Deciding that the lightning was more interesting, they veered off the path and headed in that direction. As they got closer, they found it was a tree overhanging a cliff and the lightning was slamming into a nest out in the branches. Trogg climbed the tree and moved out towards the nest, finally getting to it and finding a book inside the nest. After getting zapped once by the lightning, Trogg managed to flip the book out of the nest back over the cliff. It was immediately slammed by the lightning, and Wicker just managed to catch it with his magic. The lightning stopped, but a scorched mark erased some of the information on its pages. After a discussion, Wicker studied the books for his mother and father, piecing together how it should go. As they leave the library and head back over the lava fields, Loche wakes up in his own bed, surprisingly without a headache and with a vivid memory of a strange dream.



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