Life in the Shadows


February 2050
The group met their newest Johnson in the Banshee, a shadowy bar where all but the biggest in firearms is allowed. Loche sat at the bar and enjoyed a top shelf shelf scotch while Cooper and V’Zier went in to the back bar with Roxanne to get all the details about the newest run. A group of orks kicked in various entry doors and started shooting customers and staff alike. A short skirmish later, the group was questioning the two living attackers and introducing themselves to two other customers (Dom and Girl1) who had stepped forward into the fray. Finding several invites to a party on the bodies, they also get more information from Roxanne about who organized the attack. Seems that part of a corporate shakeup and buy out caused a few things to happen. “Junior” got upset that he isn’t as powerful in the new line up and wants to rectify that, and three R&D persona chips went missing. The group thinks that they will crash this party, hosted by someone in a rival company who shot up in the ranks to a VP level in record time. Since there is a couple of days of down time before the party, the group splits up to do their own thing. Dom summons and bonds with a nice friendly fire elemental while Cooper runs off to an Urban Brawl practice. Loche convinces Girl1 and V’Zier to come with him as he goes to check on the hookers in Redmond who are getting killed and sliced up. Girl1 poses as a joy girl and V’Zier sat on a roof top in overwatch while Loche waited in a tenement down the block. After a little while as the fog rolled in, a figure approached Girl1 and made a snarky remark before attacking her with cybernetic blades. As Girl1 stumbled backwards under the assault, V’Zier trips on the roof as he readies a spell. Loche dashes out of the building and starts shooting as he races towards the conflict. Once the guy goes down, the group notices that he has a chip slotted in his head. They take that and Loche pulls Girl1 along towards his bike, intending to bring her to his street doc contact. As soon as they get to the bike, a Lone Star patrol lights them up and they take off. After a quick burst of acceleration, Girl1 loses her grip and falls off the bike. Controling the bike (just barely), Loche reaches back and snags her, hoisting her back up to safety. A quick turn later sends the patrol car into a wall. After the group regroups, they talk to Roxanne again and find out that the three chips are of Jack the Ripper, Genghis Khan, and Cleopatra.
Watching the news, they think that Genghis Khan is causing trouble with the biker gangs in Redmond. Deuce is able to let the group know that there is a meeting at a certain warehouse, so they go and crash it, quickly overwhelming them with magical and physical prowess, and recover the persona chip. They then get set to go to the main party, Loche and V’Zier buying expensive clothing to go in as a mage and bodyguard, while Cooper goes as himself, body armor and all. Girl1 gets all dolled up as well. They try to get Booker’s attention but fail. Instead, they tail him to his money for chips transaction, and quickly hash out a plan to recover the chips. V’Zier bumps into Booker while Loche tries to pickpocket him, failing miserably. Booker grabs him and yells for the guards. Cooper looks around, spots an extremely expensive looking crystal sculpture and shoots it, creating an amazing diversion. Loche snatches the chips and attempts to headbutt Booker, but only succeeds in distracting him long enough for V’Zier to stun him with a quick jab. Looking at the guards and without a gun, Loche jumps into the pool that leads out to the bay and starts swimming. V’Zier jumps in after him, and Cooper dashes out the party and jumps onto his bike, quickly outrunning the two cops that show up quite easily. A call makes sure Girl1 leaves the party in the Limo that V’Zier and Loche arrived in and picks the waterlogged pair up at a nearby beach.

The group calls Roxanne and arranges a meet. Roxanne and the CEO of her company show up to the meet and the group turns over all the chips and the data about them and on Junior and she pays them well. The CEO offers the group money to kill Junior and tells them where Junior is hiding. Loche and V’Zier agree to the hit, Cooper is against any Wetwork. The hit goes off easily, they rip the door open and shoot Junior in the head, shushing the girl he was sleeping with before taking off.



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