Life in the Shadows

Greenwar End (we hope)

After hitting V’Zier’s Green Wars group and getting a huge pile of data, Armatige sifted through the files on an old deck the group found in a safe and discovered Renraku blueprints, especially their arcology server room. Among the information was a detailed list of corporate and government officials and their homes, as well as a detailed scematic of the power and matrix infrastructure in the city of Seattle. Loche and Wicker decided to pick up a little more muscle and then sell the information to Renraku. Renraku set a meeting at their Arcology and the group showed up to broker the deal, minus Armatige, as he stayed behind to study the code for what looks like an AI. The group showed up at the Arcology and went through security, checking their weapons. They were ushered into a conference room and waited. A pair of execs came in and were impressed by the data and Figment’s negotiation skills. After an impressive payday, the group headed out. As they made it to security, gunshots and alarms sounded. Security ushered the group and the secretary into a secure room and locked the door. More gunshots and several tell-tale rocket blasts sounded and Wicker and Figment brought their magic up while Loche opened the door and peeked out before shutting it again. A quick plan was set up, Loche would head left towards the interior of the building, Gorefest would move to the right towards the lobby, and Wicker and Figment would step out and mop up. The plan worked perfectly and the remaining Greenwars members were taken out. The group held a quick discussion and decided that the attack wasn’t their problem and headed out, seeing a matte black nissan patrol car on the way, they snagged it to add to rebuilding their car fleet. They decided to lay low for a bit, and watched Greenwar wage a fairly ineffective battle against technology in Seattle. After the week was up, they reached out to Deuce to see if there was any action, finding out about an extraction that seemed doable. Deuce gave the group an address of a bar to meet the Johnson at. Loche went early with Gorefest and discovered it was a bar filled with Ork Posers. The meeting was held in a back room surrounded by ork strippers, where everyone except for Loche went. The job turned out to be simple, a rich kid (ork poser) was going to go into business with the Johnsons, and his family had decided to forcibly un-ork him and keep him secluded in his house. All the group had to do was get him out, least amount of force as possible. A complicated, magic-centric plan was crafted involving memory modifications and influencing. Figment modified the family attorney’s memory to make him think that the kid was being summoned to the police station for questioning around an aggravated assault charge, and then Figment and Gorefest went to pick him up. The attorney and a suburban or armed guards followed the group’s car on the way to a random police station. Wicker used an elemental to crash the two cars, one of which went into a cafe and caused all sorts of havoc. A quick stop at an abandoned parking lot enabled the group to erase all tags on the kid and for Wicker to look him over with magic. They drove the kid to the drop off apartment in the slums, phoned it in, received their payment and took off.



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