Life in the Shadows


Revenge is a dish best served with large amounts of explosives

Mark “Armatige” Armatige and Nelson “Loche” Laramie wake up a few minutes after the C130 Crash, sparks are flying everywhere and the plane is def never going to fly again. After some investigation and crawling through the rubble, they find Content Not Found: trogg smashed between the wall of the C130 and the side of Mark “Armatige” Armatige van, sadly he does not look like he will be going on any runs with them any more. Further investigation shows that the back ramp can be lowered using manual controls and brute force, things they have in abundance.

Alexander “Wicker” DeMarkez floats gently down to the ground, watched the C130 crash and then dismissed the air spirit he used to get to the ground gently. While walking back to the C130 to check to see if anybody or any gear survived, he is drawn somehow to a weird bush, buried under the bush is a metal that seems to be glowing with stored magical enegery.

The group gets back together outside of the C130, Mark “Armatige” Armatige and Nelson “Loche” Laramie crawl back in and try to tear out the black box, however while doing that they see a timer running backwards to 0. So they of course scramble out, get back into the van and take off. After some back and forth, the group decides to head to the Free City of Denver, and they make their own way back from there.

First thing after calling the group gets a hold of Duece and sets up a meeting with V’Zier Maurid using some intermediaries. The meet is set up for 10pm at a bar in Pullyap. The Jew and his shaman friend David “Figment” Erikson are used as the go between, this doesn’t end well for the shaman, because V’Zier Maurid sends some Elf poser in his place with the mission to kill them. After taking a bullet, they manage to capture him and the group takes them to their Sprawl warehouse (which has been stripped down clean of all the gear and vehicles that were stored here).

The Jew, Nelson “Loche” Laramie and David “Figment” Erikson all interrogate the elf poser, who gives up all the info he has after Loche cuts off one of his precious ear tips.

Mark “Armatige” Armatige does a Matrix search of the building, finds old blue prints of the building but also discovers that the building is no longer connected to a node of any sort.

Alexander “Wicker” DeMarkez goes back to his hidden lair and summons a spirit to give him a vision of where V’Zier Maurid is located. He is located in the penthouse of some old apartment building in the Sprawl, not far from where the group is located. From the looks of it Green War seems to be arming up to do some sort of assault.

The group then called up Duece to load up on gear (Alexander “Wicker” DeMarkez was feeling particularly vengeful and ordered up an extra helping of plastic explosives, planning to take the building down after killing everybody).

On arrival at the building:

Nelson “Loche” Laramie, Alexander “Wicker” DeMarkez, The Jew and David “Figment” Erikson start making their way to the side door via the parking lot. Mark “Armatige” Armatige safely cocooned inside his van, releases his drones when the group sees two vehicles exiting the garage and heading in their direction on the street. After some intense combat involving one lucky G-War thug who could not be hit by a grenade, the group manages to take everybody out, and The Jew even puts a bullet in between V’Zier Maurids eyes. The group then heads inside, which seems to be completely abandoned by G-War. The manage to find member info, and blue prints to the Renraku pyramid building, Hidden under a mattress they found a safe with some pretty old decker gear.

Alexander “Wicker” DeMarkez then decides that its time to take the building down, has no idea where to place the explosives so decides that putting them in a pile in the middle should do the trick.

As the group drives away, they look back to see the building exploding and collapsing, taking down a few buildings around it.



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