Life in the Shadows

Weather Data

March 24th 2050

The group takes some time off and does a little shopping for new gadgets of mayhem, deception, and destruction. After a few weeks, Deuce lines up a job for the group, easy in, easy out. The mission is to break in to a meteorlogical office and steal some chips containing satelite imagery. They scout the office building, find out it is an office share building with minimal security, then pose as janitors, sent to clean up a mess in the target office. Not able to fast talk past the lobby guard, Cooper simply uses a stun baton to pummel him into submission. Loche heads to the target office and picks the lock easily, finding the floor safe but is unable to open it. He searches around and discovers a bunch of tactical gear and guns. During this, V’Zier heads up to neutralize the guard on the upper floor and starts blasting him with damaging spells. He calls out over the radio for help and a quick thinking Cooper says over the radio that he is calling the cops, keeping the information contained. V’Zier finishes him off with a blast and Cooper tells Loche to go assist, there is another guard on his way up. Loche moves up the stairs and V’Zier heads to the door to surprise the guard, almost unloading a spell on Loche who is coming up that staircase. The guard exits a different stairwell and points his pistol at V’Zier, dropping it as Loche opens fire with his narcojet rounds, dropping him. They go back to the office and V’Zier uses magic to shatter the floor around the safe and reaches in to pull it up, stopping ina cold sweat when he realizes there is tension on the safe all of a sudden, like a leash coming to its end. Loche runs down the stairs and switches places with Cooper who has a little demolition skill, but they determine that the space is too narrow to see under the safe to whatever is going on below it. V’Zier has a brilliant idea and uses his mage goggles and fiber optic to look under the safe, seeing a thin wire disappearing into the safe. A quick spell later, the wire parts and the group gets into the safe. They snag the disks out of the safe and take off, turning them over to Deuce for their payday.



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