Alexander "Wicker" DeMarkez

Dwarven Black Magic Magician


Wicker is one of the most powerful magicians born in the last decade. Though his awakening also changed him into homo sapien pumilionis, a dwarf. Born to an old wealthy family he was shunned during his adolescence because of his “deformity”. It wasn’t until he was accepted to MIT&T that his family started to accept him. In MIT&T Wicker did extremely well in his classes. He even joined up with one of the more elite fraternities, ΜΔΤ, and become one of the higher ranking brothers because of his powerful magic.

Although Wicker graduated top of his class with numerous high paying job offers from triple A companies, he disappeared for a few years. Only to reappear in Seattle where he had set up as a freelance magician running the shadows for money. At first doing small jobs to help out his fraternity brothers, but as word got out about his power his name gets around the shadows.

Wicker uses the money from the shadows to live a life of luxury. He has a high rise condo in Downtown Seattle with a great view overlooking the city. He hires town cars to take him anywhere he has to go, because public transport is for the filthy that lives in the gutters and Wicker can’t be bothered with menial tasks like driving when he has such important things to think about.

Namely his magical studies. Wicker spends most of his free time conducting magical experiments and studies in his lair, as he calls it. A house in a mostly abandoned neighborhood of the sprawl. When Wicker first moved to Seattle he scoured the area for a suitable place to conduct his magical rituals. He came across a site that where the local mana had been permanently altered to be in tune with his own magical practices. His research suggests that during the Fourth Age the site was used by a powerful magician that may have altered the ambient mana in his favor. Unfortunately the alterations in the mana attract some of the more dangerous aspects of the magical world.

Though that did lead to Wicker meeting Alton, a free spirit that wanders The Sprawl. Alton was intrigued by Wicker’s magical power and has acted as a guide for him before through the metaplanes. Although Wicker does not trust that Alton is truly interested in helping him, he has cautiously called on Alton for help each time weary of the cost of accepting the spirits help.

Alexander "Wicker" DeMarkez

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