Mark "Armatige" Armatige

Ex-corp security rigger turned Shadowrunner with a security contractor day job.


28 year old white human male, approx. 5’10, 186 lbs. Armatige has brown eyes and unnaturally white hair. He typically wears modern street and corporate casual fashions with long sleeves to cover his obviously cybernetic arm replacements.


Armatige was born in to the lavish corporate lifestyle. His parents were upper management for a division of Ares Microcorp based out of Chicago. Like all corporate children, Armatige was groomed to join his parents in the ranks of corporate employment, and he did. However, it wasn’t in the area that his parents had hoped. Despite showing a great aptitude for computers and mechanical engineering, Armatige was’t satisfied with the boring day-to-day desk job life of a corporate employee. He craved excitement.

Ares security division identified Armatige’s electronic abilities, but also his bravery in the face of danger. The company recruited and trained him as a security specialist with an emphasis on matrix and drone overwatch. Armatige worked for the corporation since his 18th birthday, and became a permanent member in a hostage/extraction recovery team by the age of 23. He loved his job, and his corp.

On what was supposed to be a routine recovery mission ended in a corporate security fiasco. Six member of Armatiges 10 man team died in an ambush. Of the remaining four, only one got out uninjured. Armatige probably sustained the worse injuries of the survivors, having to have both of his arms amputated. Although Ares extracted the survivors, they dissavowed them to avoid media windfall from the very public failure of the team. Armatige was forced in to “early retirement”, meaning he was basically fired by the company. The severance package barely covered the cost of one cyber arm. In order to repair his body, cover the implants, and the medical recovery costs, Armatige had to take out a loan. He asked his parents for financial help, but the company intervened and forced them to ignore Armatige’s requests. Secretly though, Armatige didn’t expect help from them anyways. He knew his teams failure had been an embarassment to them, and validation for their disapproval of Armatige’s career path.

Out on the street with no money, no friends, and no job, Armatige started doing the only thing he could think of to pay the bills once he was healed up and accustomed to the new cyber arms, work as a Shadowrunner. With his skills, training, and corporate sponsored cyberware, he was able to hook up with a couple crews on a per-run basis and earn some decent cred. With what he’s earned, he’s built up enough equipment to also work as a legitimite security contractor, providing personal security and drone overwatch for private companies and individuals on a contracted basis. He keeps both jobs (running and legitimate security work) to pay off his medical bills, and build his stable of drones.

Ultimately, his goal is to start his own private security firm, but doesn’t see that coming in the near future unless he scores a major pay day.

Mark "Armatige" Armatige

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