Well cybered Ork Face / ex-ganger / small-time fixer.


Like most Orks, Deebo grew up in the gang life. But that all changed when he met his wife, Theresa. He left the gang when he married his wife, and started doing small time protection and muscle jobs to make ends meet. He made a name for himself as being a likeable bodyguard, but the jobs just didn’t pay enough. He knew that the only way an uneducated Ork like him would be able to support a family long term was to start running the shadows.

He borrowed money from a local loanshark and got himself augmented (reflexes). The jobs started coming in, and he was able to hook up with a steady crew. He paid off his loan, and looked like he was going to be able to start saving money. However, he nearly died on a botched extraction run. His crew had to pull him out of it (but in pieces). He lost both of his arms, and as a result, had take out another loan with the loanshark to cover the replacements.


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