Nelson "Loche" Laramie


Loche tends to move forward in straight lines in both his thinking and planning. When he was in the military, he had others to plan his forays and point him in the “right” direction. The world of shadowrunning is a bit more complex, so he tends to wait until there is a plan set up by those who like to do such things and then see if he has a problem with either the roles or tactics in play. He does tend to err on the side of more shooting and more explosives being the answer to most things, but is starting to see the benefits of caution from time to time.


Nelson joined the CAS army when he was 16, then skipped out when he was 20 with discharge papers slightly doctored by a friend to allow him to keep his issued cyberware. The friend had a connection in Seattle so he took off to see what fortunes could be made. Landing in Seattle, he grabbed an abandoned building and converted it into living quarters. He has done a couple of jobs so far and developed a few relationships to help. He was introduced by some army buddies to a street doc, Mark Volpe, and a Fixer, Duece. He also has a nodding acquaintance with a bartender at a club downtown that isn’t usually too packed. He needs to pick up the shadow running to keep up with expenses.

Loche is uncouth to say the least (think Jayne from Firefly). He usually sits out of meetings with Mr. Johnson, as he is more likely to cost the group the job as to get it. Once the action heats up, he is hell on wheels.

Nelson "Loche" Laramie

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