Physically adept former go-ganger


Life hasn’t been easy for Spider. Growing up human in Orc go-ganger turf in The Sprawl tends to chew you up and spit you out so he’s done what he had to. When you run with the Bloody Tuskers, you scrap for everything you’ve got. Not an easy proposition for a human against Orcs but Spider has an edge… he is FAST. Not sleight of hand street hustler fast but chromed out Gillette fast. Good thing, too because Spider and tech don’t savvy. Spider’s edge comes from someplace else. For a while, he was the Tuskers’ ace in the hole and they carved a nice little piece of the sprawl for themselves.

All things end in blood and fire, though. Speed and edge didn’t do Spider much good when the Yak came for the Tuskers’ – maybe for revenge or maybe just for their spot – who knows and who the frag cares. When The Yak came, heavy with the good gear, that was all she wrote for the Bloody Tuskers. Done deal. Spider came away clean though… took down two of the Yak gillettes, too. Not the good ones, not the ones with all the chrome but still Yak gillettes.

Spider’s been lurking in the Shadows ever since. Doing odd jobs with stolen Yak gear. Now he’s ready to step up. Ready for the real pay. All he needs is his shot…


Life in the Shadows war_m0nger